On the registration form for TEDxNJLibraries we asked several questions so that the organizing committee could get to know the attendees better. We also knew that several of the questions would lead to interesting posts for this blog as well as allowing us to capture the essence of who it is that attends TEDx events in general.

On twitter this morning there were some tweets about a new site called Tagxedo, a site that allows you to create word clouds using various shapes, colors, fonts, and much more. Word/tag clouds are not new,  and some say they are passe. However, the options and artistic control that Tagxedo allow are really quite amazing.

Below is a tag cloud that was created using the three words that were submitted by each applicant  from the following question:

Complete the sentence “Talk to me about …” by giving us 3 words that describe you and your interests.

The cloud that is created is fascinating as it gives us an instant snapshot of the interests and passions of those who will be attending our TEDx event on May 7th in Princeton. The fact that technology and education are prominent words in the cloud is perhaps not so surprising, given that the T in TED stands for technology and the E for education, but the balance with other words is interesting.

The specs for this particular cloud are: Aspect Ratio of 4:3 using the heart shape. The direction of the words was set to “any”. The theme is rainbow dark and the font is Distro.