I have just spent the day finalizing all the catering and food details for our event and let me assure you that we will be fed well with food that is both healthy and delicious — as well as just the right amount of sweets and caffeine to keep everyone going.

Our TEDxNJLibraries team has several members who are program coordinators and/or trainers. It is from this experience that we know how important the little details are to making an event successful. You can give an awesome presentation or teach a terrific session, but if the climate of the room is too hot (or cold) and if the food is inadequate then that is what you will get for comments on feedback forms at the end of the day. If the food is good (and plentiful) and the atmosphere conducive to learning, then you will get comments that count… comments about the content, ideas and things people learned.

We will have granola bars from the Whole Earth Center, Smoothies and fresh-squeezed juice from Tico’s Eatery and Juice Bar, cupcakes and cookies from Ladybug Luggage Gourmet Cookies and Cakes,  Coffee and a selection of Tea from Dispensa (the library’s cafe), a selection of fine wines from Cool Vines and of course a feast of Thai Tapas from Da’s Cafe and Catering.

We are so grateful to the many small businesses in our community who have embraced our event by offering to be sponsors. Please take a moment to visit our sponsor page and then visit the sites of our sponsors to let them know we appreciate their support.