TEDxNJLibraries was a wonderful and inspiring day for all who attended.  Thank you to all of our speakers and presenters who came together at the Princeton Public Library on May 7th to discuss and explore ideas around culture and community.

If you were unable to attend, the TEDxNJLibraries Team is now proud to offer you videos from the event.   Below are links to the video playlist, followed by embeds of each video.  Enjoy!  And please use the comments below to add your thoughts on community and culture to the conversation!

Mimi Omiecinski – Building Community with Pi and Chutzpah

Sam Daley-Harris – Poverty, Purpose, Pitfalls, and Redemption

Lynette Day Young – Digital Tribes

Alfa Demmellash – The Microfinance Dilemma: Money Alone is Not Good Enough

Merrick Rosenberg – Co-Creating Culture: Step Up to Accountability

Mark Pascal & Francis Schott – Cocktails and Caviar: The Necessity of Adult Space in an Ever More Juvenile Society

Eric Mintel & Dave Antonow – A Musical Conversation about Jazz

Leslie Burger – Agoras, Forums, Living Rooms, and Libraries

Salman Ahmad – Sounds Intersecting and Overlapping Cultures