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Maurice Coleman hosted a great interview with team members Janie, Pete and John and TEDx guests – Julie Strange and Andy Woodworth, Listen here


Our TEDx team just had the debriefing meeting and we all still feeling the positive energy that this event created! The photos from the day are posted on our Flickr page. I’ve posted the links to the slideshows below. If you had attended and brought an object, we’d love you to share why you chose it.

TEDxNJLibraries: The Set Up

TEDxNJLibraries: Candids

TEDxNJLibraries: Speakers

TEDxNJLibraries: Walking Tour

TEDxNJLibraries: Attendees and Team

TEDxNJLibraries: Candids by Girl and a Camera

TEDxNJLibraries: Best of

TEDxNJLibraries: The Objects

TEDxNJLibraries: Director’s Cuts

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